My Journey from Mediocrity III

Good Morning y’all!!!!

In this journey from my mediocrity, I have found that the one thing that has played a major part in my getting of poor results has been my incredible ability to procrastinate. And my being newly aware of this psychological deficit would be akin to a crackhead trying to get over crack.

You know that to get better results you have to take action but the desire to do other less important things or put off the important things is just overwhelming-or that much more nagging than the other important but much more subtle stuff.

The advice that has been given by so many in so many ways comes down to this one simple thing:- Do and accomplish small things first. This will start conditioning the MIND to experience finishing/accomplishing something good and produce dopamine.

This I have started doing and i am feeling better as I go along and I have the urge to ramp it up but based on previous experience, I will probably burn out and lose interest. As such-and this has worked marvelously for me before, I shall pace myself and accomplish little things until it becomes a positive habit in about 21 days (according to PsychoCybernetics).

Getting out of this comfort zone will not be easy and never has been easy for anyone and the only way I can think of to not go through this discomfort again is to ALWAYS STAY OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE!!

I now have to set up my choppily account

To he who reads this, I wish you all the best.

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