My journey from mediocrity II

In my quest to reinvent myself, I have since invested in a few audio books, these being

  1. You were Born Rich
  2. The strangest secret
  3. The magic of thinking big
  4. As a man thinketh
  5. Overcoming procrastination
  6. Your Invisible Power
  7. Think and grow rich

Additionally, I have successfully if not entirely tuned out Talk radio so that my mind is that much more receptive to the new ideas espoused in the above named books. My reasoning for doing this seems to make sense in that I am using the same format to learn.

I cannot afford to use my “listening and learning parts” of my brain for both talk radio and learning new material. Something has got to give otherwise, there will be confusion.

Considering that it now takes me 45 minutes to get to work, those are minutes i can dedicate to learning and reinforcing this positive material into my MIND up until this new level of consciousness is all I can sustain.

At the same time, I have to implement some ACTION to go along with these new ideas and that is where I am having a few hiccups. I just started listening the number five book named above so that I may overcome this negative part of my behavior and I see now that it might be a little bit of a challenge!!

I cannot afford to give up because I will still be stuck at the starting line and therefore defeating the whole point of this exercise. Growing is painful and gainful.

Now I shall go and set up shopify as per the advice and see what comes of it. Thank goodness that I am not working tomorrow so that I may continue on this here and also May Peace come to families that lost their loved ones in that Las Vegas shooting on October 1st.  May it never happen again.

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