I really was born rich

I really was born rich but did not know this or really understand this up until it was explained to me on August 6 2016 by Bob Proctor and John Canary in their audio/video book “You Were Born Rich”.

You see, I found this video on Youtube purely by accident while pawing through videos with no real particular goal in mind, but after a few minutes, I was hooked and therefore committed to watching and listening it over and over and over again until I accomplished something positive in my life!

To really understand where i’m coming from, you must understand that I was working 162 miles away from home in Santa Barbara, and sometimes because of the fatigue, I sometimes just slept in the car and worked out at a nasty ass 24hr fitness just so that I may shower-which later became the norm. Even though I had a wife and child at home, I felt like a visitor, the marriage was on the rocks and the weekends were never enough to accomplish much in the way of relationship building. Concentration was poor to even pursue my own interests, I was lazy and full of excuses, It was a pitiful existence I now admit!!!

The ideas espoused in the book “You were Born Rich” I understood immediately and even more so the more I watched this video over and over and over again. I came to understand why I was never truly accomplishing much or really succeeding  in any particular thing and the main reasons were:

  1. I never had a goal– was just blowing with the wind
  2. I rarely too action-i assumed that things would happen automatically
  3. and never really persevered-i gave up too quickly-a quitter i was.

So, to put these ideas to the test, I made the commitment to find a new job much closer to home. I made this decision at the end of February 2017 that my the end of March, I will have found a new job. I FOUND A NEW JOB BY MID APRIL. The ideas in this book DO work.

The drive from Santa Barbara to Riverside was a long drive and having this particular audio book (because I do have it in that format as well) playing for the three to four hour drive became very very helpful because there were no other distractions.

Things have really looked up since the happy accident of having found this book.


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